Gimbal Heads

The Zenelli® fluid head is the result of a careful choice of materials and technologies, a constant dedication to innovation and the use of forefront software. A concentration of curiosity in seeking the impossible that has allowed us to create a unique product of its kind.
Perfect for all photographers, ideal for enthusiasts and photo professionals in nature. Capturing the perfect image of an animal or a portrait in its environment, requires patience and excellent equipment like our fluid head: light, ergonomic, robust and capable of absorbing vibrations.
The ideal accessory for all birdwatcher and nature photographers.

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Carbon ZC

the most compact and lightest gimbal head, made from carbon fiber and made in italy 100%
Weight 0.84 Kg, 1.85 lb
Max Load 38 Kg, 83 lb
Pan, free motion, 2 bearingsTilt, fluid motion, 2 Carbon Graphite bearingsPan bar connectionPlate locking leverCarbon Fiber armTilting plate

Video VR 360°

Use the mouse to move the object



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