Carbon ZC

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The lightest compact gimbal head ever manufactured, made from carbon weighting only 0.84 Kg = 1.85 lb


Research, design and avantgarde technology make it an unequalled product both for performance
and quality, 100% Made in Italy. max load 38 Kg = 83 lb. Max dimension 215x200x80 mm = 8.4×7.8×3.1 in,
temperature use +68°/-32°C = 154°/90°F. Anti UV transparent varnish


Appealing design, especially studied to get the best rigidity together with ergonomics and functionality

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CNCForged TechComposite

The Gimbal Head Carbon ZC is the compact of the Zenelli family.
Weight and reduced volume are the Must of this product.
The Carbon ZC features two simple screw levers to adjust the telephoto balance.
The removal of the L plate allows the ZC to become ZR and then present itself as an interesting product two in one and give the ZR version greater lightness and compactness, a fundamental combination for those who must carry a lot of weight and travel constantly.
Carbon ZC is produced with the best materials on the market today: main body in Carbon Fiber to absorb the micro-vibrations of the shot, Extruded Aluminum, Magnesium Alloy to give extreme lightness and Stainless Steel screws to withstand all conditions.
Carbon ZC is ideal for birdwatching, nature and sports photography and is the perfect product for Spotting Scopes, Telephoto lenses of less than 400 mm and all the Telephoto lenses in the ZR version.


  • Compatible with lenses until 400 mm
  • Removing the L plate is also CARBON ZR
  • Ergonomic Tilt locking knob
  • Pan locking lever with adjustable position
  • Vertical balance locking lever with adjustable position
  • Center of mass aligned with the Pan axis
  • Ability to absorb vibrations
  • Two ball bearings Tilt
  • Two roller bearings Pan
  • Fluidity of movement Tilt
  • Patent Pending
  • Made In Italy


  • Dimensions:215x200x80 mm, 8.4x7.8x3.1 in
  • Weight:0.84 Kg, 1.85 lb
  • Max Load:38 Kg, 83 lb
  • Tripod thread:3/8-16UNC
  • Plate profile:Arca Swiss
  • Pan rotation:360°
  • Tilt rotation:110°, depending on the telephoto lens used
  • Composite material:Carbon Fiber
  • Other materials:Extruded Aluminum
  • Composite finish:Varnish anti UV transparent
  • Temperature of use:+68°/-32°C, 154°/90°F
  • Screws:Torx, Stainless steel

Supplied also:

  • 1x Anti dust bag
  • 2 years warranty, extendable to 5 years with online registration

Product Video

Tilting platePan bar connectionTilt, free motion, 2 ball bearingsPan, free motion, 2 roller bearingsCarbon Fiber armPlate locking leverTilt locking knobPan locking leverTele locking lever