The Zenelli® Team is ready to help you and is aware that you want to improve the success of your shots.


To do this, you need a lightweight product that maximizes stability, with smooth and regular movements. The problem is that heavy and low-cost products are thwarting your efforts and over time you have realized that they are not able to help you capture the desired photo or even guarantee reliability over time, generating frustration and loss of money.

We believe that your passion and efforts to achieve important shots deserve more.
We discovered how you feel at the end of the day after carrying heavy and ineffective equipment that didn’t allow you to take the shots you dreamed of.

The experience gained in 12 years of designing and manufacturing photographic supports and Carbon Fiber parts has allowed us to respond to many needs and initiate research projects for innovative solutions hitherto unexplored in this field.

Here’s how to proceed:
1. Let us know your equipment here
2. We’ll recommend the model that best suits your needs
3. Shoot using the best performance

Let us now your equipment here

Now you can leave behind the worry that a heavy and cheap product will abandon you at any moment, losing important moments.

Embrace the happiness and aspiration of taking memorable photos that will guarantee you satisfaction with the utmost lightness.