Composite Technology

Experience in Composites

Zenelli® was born exploiting the skills and know-how acquired by our technicians in the field of Composites. There are many technologies, Zenelli® uses the best technology for its products and thanks to latest generation software it is able to evaluate in advance the type of stress applied to the component and realize it with well-directed fibers.

Forged Technology

Make full use of Light Alloys

Zenelli® uses in its components the Forged Technology, a Technology able to transfer to the final product incredible mechanical characteristics, thanks to it it is possible to study lighter and more robust components.

CNC-5X Technology


Zenelli® refines and creates all of its metal components. Thanks to recent investments, it takes full advantage of the technology of chip removal by means of machining centers that can work up to 5 continuous axes. Not only that, but now designs and manufactures all the tools for the production of components in composite material. (video)

Extruded Technology

Safe Components

Zenelli® marries the technology of extrusion, nothing derives from die-cast material. All the Zenelli® components are machined from Extruded bars to guarantee the maximum possible resistance and maximum reliability.

Carbon Fiber

Absolute Lightness

The typical density of the Carbon Fiber is 1750 kg / m ^ 3. The stiffness, instead, of the different types of fibers, varies between 150 and 700 GPa. Depending on their mechanical characteristics, carbon fibers can be multiple. Zenelli® uses the best, high quality fiber, making the lightest and most robust Gimbal head in the world. An entirely empty body in Carbon Fiber, able to absorb the vibrations caused by the shot.

Kevlass Fiber

Double Interweaving: Kevlar Fiber plus Glass Fiber

The average density of the two fibers is higher than the Carbon Fiber. The stiffness, on the other hand, of the two fibers, taken singularly, exceeds that of Aluminum. With the intertwined braking of both, Zenelli® has been able to exploit the peculiarities of the two classes of fibers to obtain a more rigid artifact of aluminum and at the same time using the structural DESIGN conceived.


Aeronautical Aluminum

Aluminum is a well-known material, but let’s not forget that it can be used in many ways and transformed with different technologies. In fact, technology plays a fundamental role, maintaining or increasing the mechanical properties of the material. Zenelli® uses components made of Aeronautical Aluminum, transformed with forged technology, lighter and more robust, in its components.


High Performance Magnesium Alloy

Zenelli® uses components made of Magnesium Alloy in its components, a light alloy used purely in the aeronautical sector to optimize the weight / performance ratio. Magnesium weighs 35% less than aluminum and, on the basis of the alloy used, guarantees equal performance.

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