Zenelli gimbal head was designed to grant the highest protection to machine body and teleobjective. Innovative and patented safety systems were purposely designed to achieve this result:

Save Lenses Lever
Lever actioning will avoid unbalancing and/or fall of the teleobjective against the tripod , while changing machine body and/or adding teleconverter. This lever is only present in the CARBON ZX version.
Pin Save Tele
Ensures teleobjective uncoupling, during the balance adjustment. This feature is only present in the CARBON Z and ZX versions.


Zenelli Locking and release systems were designed to grant an incredible functionality and handiness, together with the highest safety.

Quick Release Lever
Quick release lever allows a quick and safe slide adjustment. Locking pressure of Arca Swiss profile is adjusted by means of a pin. This feature is only present in the ZX versions.
Save Look
Quick and automatic lever to protect QR plate in its pre-set position. This feature is only present in the ZX versions.


Gimbal Zenelli is characterized by easy and ergonomic levers and locking knobs as well as practical and useful features:

PAN lever
The recovery PAN lever allows the alignment of the lever body by a quick movement, avoiding eventual dangerous grips.
TILT knob
The TILT locking knob is ergonomic and thanks to its lightness (Magnesium alloy) it is easy to use.
Bubble evel
Zenelli gimbal head is provided with a Bubble to easy up levelling of various axis.


Gimbal head was designed to balance and discharge weight along panoramic axis , to minimize lateral efforts and maintain head/tripod steadiness. Aligning the panoramic axis with the focal point allows you to take pictures in sequence to create more precise panoramic photos.


Extensive movements fluidity together with quick and precise locking make Zenelli gimbal head suitable to any kind of shots. No more excuses for having missed a perfect short, cannot be advanced when using a Zenelli Gimbal head.

PANORAMIC axis rotation
360° rotation along the panoramic axis by quick lock.
TILT axis rotation
110° horizontal axis rotation by quick lock.