The Zenelli Compact Gimbal has been developed to optimize weight and size, further facilitating transport without precluding strength and reliability. Overall dimensions and compactness make this product suitable for Telephoto lenses up to 800 mm.

CARBON ZC is equipped with two bearings in the Pan and two bearings in Carbon Graphite in the Tilt to ensure maximum smoothness of movement.

With the QLZ and QLX accessory it is possible to transform the product in ZC.


The Zenelli Reduced Gimbal maintains the practicality of using the compact sister.

Recovery levers
The recovery levers allow, by a rapid movement, to position themselves in a safer and more comfortable area for the user. These levers are ergonomic and transmit a feeling of secure locking.
TILT knob
The TILT locking knob is ergonomic and thanks to its lightness (Magnesium alloy) it is easy to use.


Extensive movements fluidity together with quick and precise locking make Zenelli gimbal head suitable to any kind of shots. No more excuses for having missed a perfect short, cannot be advanced when using a Zenelli Gimbal head.

PANORAMIC axis rotation
360° rotation along the panoramic axis by quick lock.
TILT axis rotation
110° horizontal axis rotation by quick lock.