Kevlass Z

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Kevlar fiber with Glass fiber stronger than aluminum weight: 1.25 KG = 2.78 lb


Research, design and avantgarde technology make it an unequalled product both for performance
and quality, 100% Made in Italy. Zenelli® introduce for the first time the Forged Technology for an
extremely robust product, max load 50 Kg = 110 lb, max dimension 230x230x90 mm = 9x9x3.5
in, temperature use +68°/-32°C = 154°/90°F. Matt black varnish


Appealing design, especially studied to get the best rigidity together with ergonomics and functionality

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CNCForged TechComposite

The Gimbal Head Kevlass Z inherits the conformation of the sister Kevlass ZX without however the functionality of the Quick Release Lever. The Kevlass version is composed of Kevlar Fibers plus Glass Fibers making it a much sturdier head than a version built entirely in Aluminum. In fact, taking advantage of the Composite Technology, Zenelli maintains the functionality of the Carbon to be able to dampen the micro-vibrations caused by the shot.
Kevlass Z is produced with the best materials on the market today: main body in Kevlar fiber and glass fiber to absorb the micro-vibrations of the shot, Forged Aluminum to increase the solidity and Stainless Steel screws to withstand all conditions.
Kevlass Z is ideal for Birdwatching, nature and sports photography and is the perfect product for all types and sizes of Telephoto lenses.


  • Compatible with lenses until 800 mm
  • Anodic scratchproof
  • Ergonomic Tilt locking knob
  • Pan locking lever with adjustable position
  • Pan axis aligned with the focal point
  • Two Carbon Graphite Tilt bearings
  • Two Pan bearings
  • Fluidity of movement Pan and Tilt
  • Patent Pending
  • Made In Italy


  • Dimensions:230x230x90 mm, 9x9x3.5 in
  • Weight:1.25 Kg, 2.78 lb
  • Max Load:50 Kg, 110 lb
  • Tripod thread:3/8-16UNC
  • Plate profile:Arca Swiss
  • Pan rotation:360°
  • Tilt rotation:110°, depending on the telephoto lens used
  • Composite material:Kevlar Fiber and Glass Fiber
  • Other materials:Forged and Extruded Aluminum
  • Composite finish:Vernish matt black
  • Temperature of use:+68°/-32°C, 154°/90°F
  • Screws:Torx, Stainless steel

Supplied also:

  • 1x Anti dust bag
  • 2 years warranty, extendable to 5 years with online registration

Product Video

Tilt locking knobPan locking leverKevlar Fiber armForged AluminiumForged Aluminium